Monday, 26 November 2007

Nuyorican Soul Feat India Runaway (Mongoloids In Space) (Talkin' Loud) 1997

Another class production from Masters At Work. This is top quality in itself, then Armand Van Helden steps up for a go...My god! The Mongoloids In Space mix of this is sh*t hot. He puts some wicked beats on it, adds the biggest breakdown/build up scenario ever heard then India's vocals come floating into the mix over the atmospheric synth sounds...then comes that funky bassline!!! Anyone who's heard this in a club will understand what I mean, this does some serious damage on the dancefloor.. Top notch production, a tune you MUST own. If you're a DJ you cannot afford to leave home without this.

Nuyorican Soul Feat India Runaway (Mongoloids In Space)

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One of my favourite!