Monday, 26 November 2007

S.L.D. Gettin' Out (Creed) 1990

This was a massive piano anthem back in the day and rightly so. The vocals are cut and paste from Gwen Guthrie's Getting Hot and also Raw Silk's Do It To The Music and they work so well over the piano on this. If you're into old skool piano tunes then it doesn't really come any bigger than this..

S.L.D. Getting Out (Justin Robertson's Most Excellent Mix)

S.L.D. Getting Out (Original Mix)


Q said...

too right.
amazing tune.
Anorak Djs.

Mike said...

great tune

how can I get my hands on a high quality version of the original, mp3 or cd?

Jon Robinson said...

@Mike, if you do would I be able to grab a copy from you? I'd be happy to upload many tracks for you in return. I used to have the original (blue sleeve) version of this but they just get lost at parties eh. Also, apart from beatport can anyone suggest where i can get lossless old tunes?