Saturday, 1 December 2007

Eric B & Rakim Paid In Full (4th & Broadway) 1987

Rakim, arguably the best rapper of all time. His lyrics, flow, delivery and even accent are just so good. Years ahead of his time. This is Paid In Full and it is rammed with classic lyrics from start to finish. No one but Rakim can get away with telling us his favourite dish is fish. This is the Coldcut remix-seven minutes of madness. Apparently the man himself wasn't too keen on this, I'm surprised as it is great. Feautures Ofra Haza's vocals and also Dennis Edwards Don't Look Any Further bassline as well as that wicked breakbeat. CLASSIC.

Eric B & Rakim Paid In Full

Ofra Haza Im Nin'Alu (Globe Style) 1987

Dennis Edwards Feat Siedah Garrett Don't Look Any Further (Motown) 1984

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erci b $ rakin lol demais ....