Saturday, 12 January 2008

Ladycop To Be Real (FFRR) 1996

Absolute classic! Larger than life cover version of Cheryl Lynn's ace disco smash. Just a segment of the vocals are resung on this and it really really works. Brilliant stuff.

Ladycop To Be Real


Dom Terrace said...

This track is HUGE!! Just heard it in the latest Essential Mix with Toddla T. Any chance you've got a higher quality file?


Mandy said...

Thank you....Omg been looking for this song for ages, absolute classic played at the end of every good night back in the day, my socks are going to have holes in later when I dance the crap outa them.

Robin said...

any way I could get ahold of this on digital? let me know! my record on FFRR is majorly damaged and would love to hear it again!!!